AIFI is the Italian Association of Physiotherapy [ Associazione | A.I.FI. (]


We are the national technical-scientific association of Physiotherapists. Our mission is to be a national reference for Physiotherapists’ scientific, ethic and human development, in the interest of individuals and the community.

Our activities are:

  • reviewing, producing, adapting, updating, adopting guidelines and best practices in different fields of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation;
  • promoting, participating, finance studies, scientific and experimental research in fields of relevance, including technological innovation;
  • identifying, validating and promoting practice models which ensure the efficient and effective implementation of physiotherapy procedures and methodologies and an appropriate use of professional resources;
  • collaborating and providing techincal scientific support to national/local, public/private organizations in social and health program, in particular for the development of Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Services and for the support of preventive and educational activities that new health needs require;
  • collaborating with the Universities and people involved in entry level and advanced education;
  • supporting education in physiotherapy;
  • promote continuing training in Physiotherapy also through annual ECM training programs;
  • develop support activities for members to improve their clinical and professional practice;
  • collaborating with World Physiotherapy (WP) and others international organizations;
  • collaborating with others scientific society/associations;
  • collaborating with associations of citizens, including those with health needs;
  • collaborating with public and private institutions in health and social planning interventions, in particular to promote prevention and education activities and for the development of responses to health needs;
  • carrying out consultancy activities in the different areas of competence of Physiotherapy
  • promoting scientific and educational publications in physiotherapy;
  • promoting mass media collaboration in order to disseminate correct information in the physiotherapic areas.


Pediatric Specialist Interest Group  [GIS – Fisioterapia Pediatrica | A.I.FI. (]


Our GIS Fisioterapia Pediatrica is one of the six Specialist Interest Groups of the Italian Association of  Physiohterapy and has been a member of International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP) since 2007.

Our main objectives are:

  • encouraging improved standards and consistency of practice in paediatrics care by physical therapists;
  • advancing practice by communication and exchange of information;
  • encouraging scientific research and promote opportunities for the spread of knowledge of new developments in the field of paediatrics.